New Here?

Thanks for checking us out!

We would love to have you and your family come out and meet up with our group. You might know a bit about Kids LIFE! already, but we’ll include some of the highlights here.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Kids LIFE! is to come together with open hearts and open minds to inspire and nurture our members. We aim to provide our group members a varied and eclectic learning opportunity. We are dedicated to fostering a love of the search for and exploration of knowledge and understanding. We believe that the world is brimming with learning opportunities. Kids LIFE! embraces unity, creativity, and respect while also striving for diversity.

Core values:

  • Unity: We strive for unity within our group and within our larger community.
  • Creativity: We come to learning with open minds, knowing that learning takes place all around us.
  • Respect: We accept and respect the people and places that make up our community.
  • Diversity: We embrace diversity, welcoming myriad voices and ways of living and learning.

The children currently in our group range in age from toddler to early teen. We are an active group who meets a couple of times a week at a variety of places in Northern Nevada.

If you would like notifications from our group sent to you, you can follow us on Twitter ( Everything Kids LIFE! posts on our Facebook page is also posted to Twitter.

Please join us at one of our get-togethers so we can get acquainted (park days are the most laid back and the best for casual getting-to-know-you chatting).

We are one of several homeschooling groups in the area. If this group is not the best fit for you, we wish you the best in your homeschooling adventure (and you might want to check out for other groups in the area).

We look forward to meeting you,

Kids LIFE!