Frequently asked questions about homeschooling:

What does Kids LIFE! stand for?

Our acronym stands for Kids Learning In Fun Everywhere! We believe that we are all always learning from our daily experiences and interactions. We embrace the idea that education is so much broader than the learning that can happen within conventionally-accepted institutions.

What about socialization?

One of the questions we face most often as homeschoolers is: “If your kids aren’t in school, how do you socialize them?” Those who pose this question might imagine that we spend most of our time at home, interacting only with family members, but this isn’t really the case. Because our kids are with us pretty much all of the time, they necessarily come with us to the bank, to the grocery store, to the library…pretty much everywhere.

We find that our children, in being out in the world, learn to socialize quite adeptly. Our children meet and interact with people of many ages and backgrounds during our many outings and events.

Just as with children who, like many of the parents in this group, grew up with more conventional schooling, we have our share of extroverts and introverts.

Just one article among many discussing this topic: “HOME-SCHOOLING: Socialization Not a Problem” by Michael Smith, President and Cofounder of the Home School Legal Defense Association (printed in the Washington Times)

What method of homeschooling is the best?

Members of this group use a variety of different methods for homeschooling, ranging from life learning (unschooling) to supplementing school with group activities. There is no one set way of homeschooling that will work for every family at all times. We feel pretty fortunate to live in a state that allows us flexibility in our approaches.

Where do I find information about homeschooling in Nevada?

For information on Nevada state laws regarding homeschooling, please see the homeschooling section of the Nevada Department of Education website.

You can also find the Intent to Homeschool form at the link above. (It opens as a PDF from the Department of Ed site.)

Are there any co-ops in the area?

There are a few co-ops here. Check out the Northern Nevada Home Schools link for the list of local co-ops. (Please check the links as each co-op has its own mission or belief statement which does not necessarily align with the Kids LIFE! mission statement.)


Here you’ll find links to sites that we find useful both for learning and for living. Please email us at Admin@KidsLIFEnv.org if you have suggestions for sites you’ve found especially helpful for your family but that we have not yet included.

(Of course, Kids LIFE! isn’t responsible for the content of these sites, nor do we necessarily endorse the content of the sites.)

Our community

We have a talented group of people in this community. You can check out some of what we do below:

Nevada Department of Education: Homeschooling: Okay, so part of the larger community really, but a useful link if you’re looking for Nevada homeschooling laws or if you need the Intent to Homeschool form.

Northern Nevada Home Schools: From their site: “Northern Nevada Home Schools, Inc. is a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization dedicated to the support and encouragement of home educators in Northern Nevada.” Join their Yahoo! group which features homeschooling discussions and events.

Out in the wider world

Here are some others sites to check out when you’ve got a moment or two:

Great online homeschool resources (from: Dyslexia home school): “Here’s a collection of online resources of games, videos, audio and other things kids actually enjoy learning with. There’s also some parent resources for putting together your own curriculum if you like or getting help teaching.”