Martin Luther King Day

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In honor of Martin Luther King Day (and of Dr. King’s life), I’d like to share some links and other resources.

* First, as many already know, MLK Day has been designated a day of service. I know it’s getting toward bedtime as I post this, but I don’t think anyone would mind if families chose to undertake a service project on a day other than today instead of waiting until next year. Find more information at the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service website. (It’s been a day of service since 1994. Why didn’t I know this until several years ago?)

* Here’s a link to The King Center which includes a digital archive. Here’s their description: “There are nearly a million documents associated with the life of Martin Luther King Jr. These pages will present a more dynamic view than is often seen of Dr. King’s life and times. The documents reveal the scholar, the father, and the pastor.”

* If you’re looking for some of King’s works to read, here is “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” and the text of “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop.” King’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech (video and text) are linked on the Nobel Prize website.

* And here is King’s “I Have a Dream Speech”:

I know there are many other texts and resources for learning about King’s life and work (including, for example, his work on the Montgomery bus boycott or his belief in nonviolent protest). There’s so much to explore.

We welcome your links to texts, videos, articles, sites, and activities to help us remember both Dr. King and all that he and those who aligned themselves with him fought for.


Peace to all ~vickie

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