close to home or on their own?

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Our daughter, who has not yet reached the double digits, fondly tells us that she will live with us for years to come. When she’s ready to move out, she tells us, she’ll still live near us. We can come over any time we like.

Who knows what will come to pass in the years ahead, but I have to say I kind of like the idea of my kid staying nearby as she attends college (right now, we’re all imagining college in her future).

At the same time, I like the idea of my kid going off to college. While I love her something fierce and hope to always have a close relationship with her, I like the idea of her forging a future for herself, apart from my spouse and me. If that includes her traveling and/or being geographically distant, so be it. I’ll travel to see her.

I know I have quite some time to mull this over — and I know this this really isn’t my decision to make — but I was thinking about it tonight.

What about your family? Are you counting down the days until you’re littles fly the coop or are you dreading the day (or are you, like me, somewhere in between)?

Happy homeschooling! ~vickie

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One response to “close to home or on their own?”

  1. Angel says:

    This day is fast approaching us and I’m still undecided. We’ve done some research and for purely economic reasons, I’d rather he stay close to home. However, whatever he chooses, I do want him to attend a college on campus rather than do an online thing because the experience of mingling with people who all share the same loves is just not the same online at that age. I really enjoyed college, not just from an academic standpoint, but from a coming-of-age standpoint, and those experiences for young adults will not be the same with an online college.

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