Winter Crafting

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I am thinking that the next two weeks will involve some winter crafting.

We have a tree to decorate, so I know we’ll be making some ornaments.

Ornament ideas:

  • salt dough ornaments: we’ve done these before – after baking, we color with markers, but paint, glitter glue, and the like would be good too
  • gingerbread salt dough ornaments: it looks like you just add food coloring to the basic salt dough recipe (I suppose you could make any color ornaments)

Other activities:

  • snow globes: I know Vi was asking about making snow globes, so I’m including a link (not sure that I’m up for this right now)
  • snowy handprint tree*: I’m thinking you could use this as a basis for a tree for each season
  • handprint polar bears*: I might have to make these as my daughter’s favorite animal is the polar bear
  • paper snowflakes: mine never quite turn out right, but I think it’s worth another try – and I’m currently staying with family and they have coffee filters so we’re going to try those this year
  • watercolor over white crayon snowflakes: I love this technique and it’s been too many years since I’ve done this
  • graham cracker cottages: not quite gingerbread houses but I hope just as satisfying to make

* I feel like handprint crafts are geared toward younger kids, but I think I’ll be loving them for years to come still and my daughter is almost eight.

Food (okay, okay, not a craft, but I make as much mess baking as I do crafting):

  • chocolate crinkles: my absolute most favorite cookies ever!
  • spicy gingerbread cookies: from the site (Smitten Kitchen): “This gingerbread is spicy and dark, chewy but sturdy and only a little sweet. If you’re used to more tepid gingerbread men, it will surprise you. If you always found gingerbread a little boring, it will delight you.”
  • gingerbread: for topping with whipped cream
  • pumpkin muffins: maybe with a little cream cheese frosting

I’d love to hear what crafts and/or baking you’re taking on as we prepare to leave autumn behind.


Happy homeschooling! ~v

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